Our Selection of Tweed Suits

What is a tweed suit?

A men’s tweed suit is made from a type of woolen fabric that is woven and has a soft texture. There are several patterns these suits can have and they originated from traditional and weather inspired Irish and British outerwear (because of unstable and often cold weather) and has been in style for generations.
Tweed’s first purpose was to be durable and weather-resistant, but over time because of the suit’s characteristic and unique look, it has become a kind of symbol of style. In recent years the tweed suit has become a sophisticated piece of clothing worn both by street style enthusiasts and by men with a refined sense of style.
Where was tweed invented?

Tweed was invented in Scotland in the 18th century and was traditionally woven from virgin wool and had earthy colors much like today.
Today’s tweed suits are much more diverse and colors in our collection of suits vary from black and brown to candy red, bright yellow and green. Because our collection of suits is so diverse, you can easily express your individuality not to mention that our suits are custom made according to your dimensions. So, they really are a complete expression of your individuality and sense of style.

How to Wear Tweed Suits?

Tweed was first used to make (like most sorts of textile) for workwear, but because of its elegant look and wonderful construction, many thought that the potential of a tweed suit should not be wasted. So it became one of the most sought out garments for smart-casual dressing.
Many associate tweed suits with winter and colder weather and they are right to do so. Tweed goes exceptionally well with colder seasons but it can be worn during any time of the year nonetheless. It’s elegant look and dazzling construction is always going to amaze you and everyone around you no matter the weather.
They are an excellent choice for a day suit and as we mentioned especially suitable for colder weather when all men with a refined sense of style love to put on their best tweed suit, a pair of high-quality leather shoes, a big scarf and maybe even a hat.
Our clients say they love to experiment with different kinds of styles and to see just how they can combine their suit with other pieces of clothing. One of their favorite, for a relaxed but a smart-casual event, they said that they love to combine their suit with a t-shirt and a pair of elegant sneakers.
Our tweed suits are very versatile as you can see from our vast collection and they are also a versatile outfit. You can clearly see that if you watched the latest Joker movie as an example of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker suit. That bold combination of a red tweed suit combined with a yellow vest and a deep green shirt is just one of the ways you can imagine wearing your suit.
But of course, if you are up for something more traditional we offer both herringbone suits and Donegal suits.
What is a herringbone suit?

A herringbone suit is a type of tweed suit that has a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern. So, it’s a pretty much traditional type of tweed suits that can be worn to any and every formal occasion you can think of. You can pair it up with a tie or a bow tie, fine elegant leather shoes and you are sure to be a star of the party.

What is a Donegal suit?

Donegal suit is named that way because of a specific county in Ireland, Donegal where they made the specific tweed suit look of speckled tweed. The structure is composed of uneven slub yarns that contrast with the ground color.
Depending on the style, construction, and color of your tweed suit you will find that there are numerous ways you can style your suit. From formal and cocktail events to smart casual and casual, there are numerous ways you can style your suit.
Out tweed suits in black, midnight gray, ebony or taupe are the perfect alternative to a standard black suit. Not only that but combined with a tie, bow tie and a pocket square you are going to look smart, trendy and like a true sophisticated modern gentleman.
StudioSuits Tweed Suits

StudioSuits is a traditional tailoring workshop where we use hand techniques to make custom garments. Our team of skilled craftsmen is involved in the process of making your suit from start to end.

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